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The Artists Against Trump Project was originally conceived in 2020, as a traveling exhibit in support of democratic candidates, and as a reminder of what Trump did while in office.


To start, an original bust of trump was sculpted in clay. A mold was then made out of the sculpture allowing for copies to be made. The copies were produced using Forton, which is a lightweight casting stone of considerable strength.


Originally twelve identical heads were made. Each head was then transformed in to a caricature representing Trump as a clown, a convict, etc. Messaging was added to all four sides of the base reminding people of all the outlandish things Trump participated in while in office. Each head was then displayed on a metal trashcan

 The Artists Against Trump Project is selling all twelve Trumps heads and a 7x14 enclosed trailer to transport the busts for 25,000$. The project can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. for 1000$ extra. Please call (727) 589-9768 with inquiries.

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